Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thing Eighteen - Awwwww

Adorable Baby Kitten - Awwww so cute

Well, well, well, we've finally made it to youtube. An incredibly popular site on the internets, made even more apparent by how often my Dad uses it, which is more then myself. I posted a video of an adorable baby kitten drinking a dry milk formula from out of a bottle, just like nature intended. I found it pretty easy to get the video up and working in the site, without using the provided instructions, mostly because I figured I could do it without. Though I can understand if people have difficulty, especially those that aren't as familiar with technology and the web. I chose this particular video, because more then anything, library employees have hearts, and anyone with a heart can't resist a cute baby animal. I'm not exactly sure how our library would be able to use a video site like youtube. Maybe to promote itself, or possible to have video instructions for common questions people have.