Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thing One - One Thing to rule them all!

Hello all,

So this is my first relevant post regarding 23 things on a stick. And boy have the times changed, back in my day we didn't have color pictures, let alone the internet and blog s to keep people updated with our daily thoughts and opinions. All kidding aside, interestingly enough, this is my first time personally dealing with a web log, or "blog" as the kids call it these days. As "tech savvy" as I like to consider myself, there are some holes that needed to be filled.

Now, I've known about blogs and what they were for years, but up until now I've just never gotten around to doing anything with it. I knew that they've gotten easier and easier to create and manage over the years, yet still I stayed away. I guess I figured, who and why would anyone want to read what I've got to say, and after this project is over I may well have proved myself right, but until then I'm sticking with it.

As easy as it was to actually create this blog and get to posting, I still found myself taking a lot of time in the customization aspect of the blog. Ultimately I ended up sticking with a pretty regular template, nothing fancy, but playing around with all the aspects of what you can edit and put on your blog still ate up a bigger portion of time then I imagined it would. I put up a couple pictures and edited my personal profile as well as tried changing some color schemes and placement of sections of the blog.

Our library has semi-recently started using blogs on our website I can see using blogs as a way for staff to quickly get their thoughts out to the public with immediate responses. It's also a way to personalize the library with our patrons, a side they're not necessarily used to seeing.

All in all, blogs are here to stay and I think we're the better for it.


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good title