Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thing Nineteen

Podcasts, sweet sweet podcasts, nectar of the gods.

I have been listening and watching podcasts, really since the inception of them most likely. I've been a fan podcasts for years now, continuing to listen on a regular (usually weekly) basis. The very first podcasts I started listening to were solely technology based, TWIT (This Week In Tech) is one that comes to mind. As podcasts became more popular I started listening to more an more, so much that I actually didn't have time to listen to them all in a week and I had to stop listening to some. I primarily listen to game podcasts, which are done by professional game enthusiasts/journalists and are done on a weekly basis. Since I began work at the library, any off desk time where I didn't need to really pay attention to others (mending books for example) I would take out my MP3 player and listen to the podcasts. Time really goes by much faster, and makes alone time with kind of thoughtless tasks more enjoyable, at least in my opinion. I really enjoy having these podcasts available to me, and it's hard to imagine myself without them, now that I've gotten used to them. On the sidebar to the right, I put an RSS feed of a gaming site's Podcast releases, one of the reasons why rss is so useful to me. Though I didn't listen to and am not interesting in listening to any library related podcasts, I know for a fact they do exist and there are people out there who would gladly listen to them.