Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing Twenty One

Beyond MySpace...

Well it turns out there's more out there then just MySpace and Facebook. I started by joining the 23 things on a stick ning. Starting my profile and updating my pictures was just as straightforward as everything else to this point. I did leave a comment for another user, regarding their slideshow they had posted. I did notice that there wasn't a lot of activity in this specific network, seemed like half the members didn't even have profile pics. Though there were plenty of pictures uploaded to the photo section. I can see why a library might consider using this, to avoid any stigma that may be associated with a myspace or facebook. I also joined another social networking site called flixter, dealing with movies. I started that by taking a quiz about a bunch of movies, rating them and leaving comments, then comparing your results with the results of your friends. They also have movie listings, a forum of sorts, and a horribly addicting movie quiz entitled "The Never Ending Movie Quiz" in which they actually suggest you not play, because of it's addictive properties. Of the social networks listed in this thing, Flixter would probably be about the only thing that would appeal to me in my personal life, as I see many movies.


Linda said...

I hadn't bumped into flixter and am interested to read in your post about it. I'll have to take a look and show it to my husband who is an old movie buff--not that he needs to know any more movie trivia to torture me with, but it sounds like fun.