Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thing Eight - Sharing my creations, IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!!!


Well, sticking with tradition I started a Picture Trail account and created a jigsaw puzzle slide show, something they call "Flicks".

There's a picture of my nephew when he was a baby, my mom and I holding a guitar shaped cake and a couple pictures of my grandma and myself. Good stuff.

It's an interesting tool which gives you a new way to present what would otherwise be a regular slide show or photo album. It was easy enough to setup and customize the different presentation options. I'm not sure if it's necessarily better or not, but it's certainly another option to consider.


Anonymous said...

Hola D-Block,
You are El Hombre! Your "THINGS"
are what I would like to be able to do someday. It's FUN isn't it?
Mas Tarde

all ears said...

Nice slideshow Dan! Where is your mum..the one with the same bday as me? I like the sad panda image. Is there a story behind it?

Dan said...

Mom's the one with me by the guitar shaped cake. The other woman is my aunt, and my grandma. I too enjoy the sad panda, and there is a story to it, I can email that to you if you like, it's pretty amazing.