Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thing Fourteen - My Library Thang!


I've never used Library Thing before, nor have I heard of anyone at the library using it, so this was a new experience to me. Creating an account with Library Thing literally just took a few seconds, extremely fast and easy. After creating my account I easily started adding books to my virtual shelf. It seems that it searches for the titles and images, so I can only assume almost all popular titles are going to be found.

That link should take you to my catalog I've created so far.

After choosing some of my favorite titles and series for the catalog I looked at the details for all of them. I was surprised how popular a few of my books were with Library Thing users, the Harry Potter titles are obviously going to have a strong following, but I didn't expect that from the others.

I added the library thing widget to the side bar of the blog. Setting that up in the blog was pretty easy, and I like the effect of book covers.

If you had a really really small library, this could be useful for you, and easy to setup. Or if you're a larger sized library, I could see this being used to highlight a smaller selection. A series from an author, or a particular genre could easily be added to this and accessible from the website.