Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thing Five - Super Happy Funtime!

D_McElman_070713_1576 B L o Wooden Tile C K

Welcome again,

As you can see, I used a Flickr mashup to spell out the name of my blog, and it's incredible. I also made one of my pictures into a jigsaw puzzle.

I think it turned out well, given the quality of the small image to begin with. The site that made that jigsaw puzzle, actually offer an option for you to order a real life jigsaw puzzle with that image of your choice. Perhaps this is something I would use as a gift of some sort in the future. I don't personally see a lot of use for these mashups in the library that we'd actually use, but you never know.

Having setup a Flickr account and used it for a brief period, I can see it's appeal to those into digital photos and online images. Also, just for backing up your photos, it would seem priceless for those with a lot of photos on their computers. As for me, it's not something I'm really all that interested in. I don't do digital photography, nor do I have many pictures that I've scanned into my computer. So unless I actually get into some sort of digital photography, I really don't see myself using this program in the future. My personal feelings aside, I think it could prove useful and convenient for libraries with large photo collections to share.