Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thing Nine


This online collaboration thing is a cool idea, with the word processing editing software available for multiple people to use at once. This is really a great idea for people on the go a lot, especially if you forgot or just don't have a laptop of your own, you can get on just about any computer with internet access and work on a document you've already started, or start a new one entirely. I can really see this only getting better and more useful as time goes on.

For the first part of this thing, it asks you to edit the famous document first using Google Docs. Now, unless I was doing something wrong, my accound didn't have any permissions to edit the document as it was presented to us. Obviously you can cut and paste that text into Google Docs and edit it there, but I wasn't sure if that's what they wanted. I went ahead and pasted it into Google Docs anyway and did some editing. It's pretty similar to blogger, it has most things you need, ability to save, spell check, change font and colors etc. Now I didn't spend a significant portion of time with Google Docs or Zoho writer, so I can't say this conclusively, but it certainly felt like Google Docs had far less features then Zoho. Zoho writer, is probably what I would choose as an online word processor, over Google Docs, with the amount of time i've spent with it thus far. There's a lot of options in the form of buttons at the top of the application, that looks like it gives you even more options then most traditional word processing programs. It allows you to place Emoticons, or smiley's as the kids call 'em these days, which we all know takes top priority when writing documents, and just a bunch of other formatting options that you might not normally expect from an online application such as this.

All in all, the founding fathers would be shocked and terrified by our talking picture boxes and transportable telemaphones. But after that, they would be greatly impressed by our Quill-less writing methods, and the ability to edit from anywhere in the world.