Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thing Eleven - Mmmm D.El.iC.o+u-s!?


I have to first say, that the placement of periods in delicious is more then a little confusing to remember., it doesn't really roll of the keyboard, so to speak. But in any case it's an interesting tool at our disposable, and actually one I really had no knowledge of. I had however heard of tagging, even if it's not something I was actively doing myself.

The first thing I did for this, was go back to one of my old posts and added tags to it. I tagged about the pictures that I added to the post, which if you click on the links, shows you all the posts that used those tags, or labels as blogger calls them.

I then created an account with, which was very easy and quick to setup. During the account creation, it's suggested that you install the buttons to your internet browser, clearly stating that firefox is the preferred browser. After doing so, adding web pages to your delicious account or viewing pages saved only takes one click. Now I have to be honest, to me personally the ability to bookmark web sites and access that list wherever you want is more useful to me then the tagging aspects. I don't have a strong interest in what's popular with other users, or searching through them in that way. That being said, it could still prove useful in some libraries, most likely among the library staff. Now our library at least, already has a website with links to resources and other such things. But I think that the bookmarking abilities of delicious would make the site more user friendly, in a sense. Just for example, you could be reading a library blog and then look at their list of sites that they keep, using delicious, and find extended information or something entirely new.